User API


GeoCAT-viz Plotting Routines

geocat.viz.TaylorDiagram([refstd, fig, ...])

Taylor Diagram.

GeoCAT-viz Utility Functions

geocat.viz.add_lat_lon_ticklabels(ax[, ...])

Utility function to make plots look like NCL plots by adding latitude, longitude tick labels.

geocat.viz.add_major_minor_ticks(ax[, ...])

Utility function to make plots look like NCL plots by adding minor and major tick lines.

geocat.viz.set_titles_and_labels(ax[, ...])

Utility function to handle axis titles, left/right aligned titles, and labels as they appear in NCL plots.

geocat.viz.set_axes_limits_and_ticks(ax[, ...])

Utility function to determine axis limits, tick values and labels.

geocat.viz.truncate_colormap(cmap[, minval, ...])

Utility function that truncates a colormap.

geocat.viz.xr_add_cyclic_longitudes(da, coord)

Utility function to handle the no-shown-data artifact of 0 and 360-degree longitudes.

geocat.viz.set_map_boundary(ax, lon_range, ...)

Utility function to set the boundary of ax to a path that surrounds a given region specified by latitude and longitude coordinates.

geocat.viz.findLocalExtrema(da[, highVal, ...])

Utility function to find local low/high field variable coordinates on a contour map.

geocat.viz.plotCLabels(ax, contours, ...[, ...])

Utility function to plot contour labels by passing in a coordinate to the clabel function.

geocat.viz.plotELabels(da, transform, proj)

Utility function to plot contour labels.

geocat.viz.set_vector_density(data[, ...])

Utility function to change density of vector plots.